Things To Do In Lanzarote On A Rainy Day

What To Do In Lanzarote On A Rainy Day   When visiting Lanzarote for a holiday everyone dreams of glorious sunshine for every day of their stay. Unfortunately sometimes that’s not always the case! Shock horror, a rainy day in Lanzarote does sometimes occur! For beach lovers and sun worshippers, this can put a bit [...]

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Escape Room Birthday Party

Here’s Why You Should Plan an Escape Room Birthday Party Planning a birthday party for you or a loved one? Here are the top reasons we can think of as to why you should plan an escape room birthday party! An escape room is a super fun adventure game designed for small groups. This strategic [...]

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Valentine’s Day Escapes

So, it’s that special time of year again, time to plan your Valentine’s day date! There’s always the old classics – a box of chocolates, a bunch of roses & an overpriced dinner in a crowded restaurant. Or, you could bond in a unique and thrilling way by taking on an escape room together! Island [...]

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